Help - Topic Menu

Exploring the Topic Menu

Symbolab covers a wide and ever growing set of mathematical topics. The menu outlines the fields that are covered. It also groups the different topics with every field so they can easily be reached.

When clicking a topic, the examples box displays problems within that topic. Moreover, if there is a fixed template for certain topics, they will automatically appear in the textbox.

Topic Search

The search box above topic menu enables to search the different fields and topics. It can be used to find a certain topic when you are unsure under what field we placed it.

It can also help when the same term has different names. In the later case, the search will suggest the correct place in the menu, even if the name you use for the term is different then the one written in the menu.

For example, differentiation and derivative are synonyms in certain cases. When inserting differentiation in the topic menu, the terms related to derivative will also be suggested.

Finding Examples and Specific Templates

As noted in the input section, some of the problems require more sophisticated forms of input. With the topic menu you can reach the specific page of a topic. There you will find representative examples that clarify both the scope and the input forms of a certain topic.

When a template is required, it will automatically be inserted into the textbox when entering the topic. You will only need to fill the specific expression you desire to compute.

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